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Repair / Terms / Warranty

Payment Options: Cash, local checks, or credit cards including PayPal.com

Instructions: Repairs only. Individual components delivered to West Hartford.

Terms: Photos & descriptions were created to provide an accurate representation of cosmetic and electronic condition. The continued performance of vintage electronics can be unknown due to age. Tubes, capacitors, resistors, transformers, and other electronic components may wear out at some point in time. All items at "UrbanRadio & Vintage Hi-Fi " are tested and electronically restored before being presented for sale. I employ top craftsmen with expertise in electronics, mechanics, and wood restoration. As a result, refunds are not granted on any item because of cosmetic condition, defective tubes, capacitors, resistors, transformers, or other electronic components except during the one-year, Limited Electronic Warranty.

With an antique radio or any vintage item greater than 20 years old, electronic restoration must be done carefully to make the item safe & reliable. When completed, proper restoration will allow the 50+ year old antique radio or 20+ year old vintage hifi component to last another 'lifetime' and will appreciate as an investment piece. This is true of all great items of quality manufactured in the USA. As they say, they don't make them like they used to.

Electronic restoration includes the replacement of all paper/wax signal capacitors and electrolytic power supply capacitors with high quality/long lasting components, plus tube testing and replacement, as necessary, checking all wiring & voltages for safety & reliability, signal alignment for best reception, and cleaning & lubrication of all mechanical connections. With all of this said, please keep in mind that the expectations may vary due to early radio design. Furthermore, I do my best to preserve the originality of the item within practical limits, as all work is completed under chassis and kept from normal viewing. If you see minor surface corrosion on the chassis, this is typical for its age and is acceptable. A clean chassis is more desirable and worth more.

Limited Electronic Warranty: "UrbanRadio & Vintage Hi-Fi" offers a Limited Electronic Warranty for one full year excluding eBay sales and discounted items. Components COVERED are all REPLACEMENT parts used in restoration, such as, tubes, capacitors, dial lights, dial cords, AC power cords, soldered wire connections.

Components NOT covered are cabinet, speakers, push button tuning, transformers, grille cloth, dial lens, dial bezel, knobs, variable controls (volume, tone, band switch, etc.), shipping/packing costs, or any mis-use, alterations, adjustments, or repairs attempted by the Customer.

If any COVERED component becomes defective and affects the radio's performance during the one-year Limited Warranty Period, "UrbanRadio & Vintage Hi-Fi" will repair the radio at NO cost to the Customer. The shipping cost to / from "UrbanRadio & Vintage Hi-Fi" will be paid by the Customer.

Caution: Vintage radio electronics are, by nature, hazardous due to their voltage, design, and age. Any operation, repairs, or other adjustments made by the Customer is at their own risk. Their exists the possibility of shock or electrocution if repair or restoration is attempted by anyone without the proper training and equipment. "UrbanRadio & Vintage Hi-Fi" is NOT responsible for any damage or physical harm due to the operation of radios or other electronic equipment sold on this site. Furthermore, do not operate AM radio near computers, TV's, fluorescent lights, dimmer switches, motors (hairdryers), etc. or interference will occur.

Should any problems occur at any time, "UrbanRadio & Vintage Hi-Fi" would be happy to provide guidance, help, and repair needs. This work will be done at the Customer's expense (unless covered by the Limited Warranty) and we will work with you as far as these costs are concerned.

Grading: Grading is subjective. I look at thousands of items on a regular basis and know how to compare the average model with the above average model. Remember, it is common for wood and plastics to shrink with age and you must be forgiving with stress cracks or wrinkles. This is a natural occurance and for rare items, you will never own one unless you accept this. Finally, a wood radio cabinet can be original or restored original and the overall quality can vary.

Pricing: Price is determined by CONDITION plus RESTORATION TIME, RARITY, and DESIRABILITY. Remember, when looking at 'book value' or eBay pricing, most of the time this represents AVERAGE condition, may NOT be working, and is priced 'as-is'.

An original finish cabinet has the same finish from when it was made, not altered or re-finished in any way. This enhances the future value of the radio.

A restored original finish cabinet has been professionally restored to revive the original finish thereby preserving the original patina and natural aging of the wood while giving it a 'new' appearance. The process is long and involved, and extremely time consuming, but the result of a professional, hand-rubbed lacquer finish is astonishing. The quality is typically near MINT or better and the value enhancement is very high, although it will depend on each individual collector's preference.

Mint: No scratches, scuff marks, chips, cracks or peeling veneer. Looks 'new' but upon close inspection, it may be 95-to-100% perfect. In collector terms, it is very valuable and rare to find a 50+ year-old in original, well preserved, mint condition.

Near-Mint: Like-new. A few minor scratches, scuffs, wrinkles, or repairs that are slightly noticeable, but do not detract from the over-all appearance or display of the radio. Again, it is valuable and rare in original, well preserved, condition.

Excellent / Very Good: May have greater visible imperfections but they do not detract from the over-all appearance. Could have some small cracks or chips. Still adds to the future value of the radio, if it is original.

Once again, please keep in mind that grading is subjective and that an antique radio or vintage hifi component may have the attributes of one specific grade but may also have one or two flaws that might grade in between excellent-to-near mint or near mint-to-mint. Again, it pays to be flexible and understanding based on age.

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