"Vintage Electronic Repair with Quality Service"


For over 20 years as a full-time business, UrbanRadio has provided professional restoration of Antique Radios from the 1920's to 1960's and Vintage Hi-Fi (including Mid-Century stereo) from the 1950's to 1970's. Our restoration includes vintage electronic repair, upgrades, cleaning & detailing, and wood cabinet refinishing. We have over 40 years experience with 3-technicians for all types of vintage electronic repair.

All vintage audio equipment benefits from restoration and obtains more in value and appreciation compared to buying today's, very expensive, "new" equipment. You will enjoy the superior sound and exquistie design of heirloom-quality vintage electronics.

Many items, both radios & Hi-Fi components, are shipped to us for all levels of repair and analysis, therefore, proper packing is critical... instructions available upon request. I am not surprised at the number of items purchased off of eBay we receive for repair, described "as-is" or "working".

While we specialize in vacuum tube electronics, we also repair car radios (1930's to 1970's), stereos, turntables / phonographs, and solid state (transistor) items. Thousands of satisfied customers, worldwide!

Due to the complexity of these electronic items, basic estimates may or may not be given after a complete bench test. Pickup and delivery is available for many of our customers throughout the NorthEast (for an extra fee). We charge by the project for 100% customer satisfaction and have a lower cost than our competition. Our goal is to serve customers to the best of our ability, providing safety & reliability. Amplifier power & distortion testing included!

If we can be of service,

please contact us @ 203-877-2409 or email: urbanradio@me.com


What happened in 1980?

The exact date varies from brand to brand but the bottom fell out of the build quality. Manufacturers sacrificed quality for production speed and started aiming at the mass market instead of the "audiophile" market.

Analog was replaced with digital. Discrete (individual) components were often replaced with custom integrated circuits, many of which are no longer available today. Digital electronic parts became custom to the design (large scale integrated chips) and are not supported by the manufacturer to the repair shop. Therefore...

All the repair shops are gone for a reason... thanks to the manufacturer's service plan of "send it in under waranty or go buy a new one".

Here at urbanradio, we repair pre-1980 "vintage analog electronics" as they were designed to be repaired.

Thank you for your interest in urbanradio and let us know what works for you.