1938 Silvertone model #6403, is in excellent working condition, playing LOUD & clear with 3" speaker. The black bakelite plastic 'Deco' cabinet is all-original and features: AM, a beautiful cabinet with sharp grille, internal loop antenna, (2) thumbwheel knobs for on/off/volume and (inductive) tuning, and a decent UPSIDE down chassis.

Electronically tested and restored including (5) tubes, all testing strong on a calibrated Hickok 539c tube tester, plus new capacitors, dial lamp and AC cord, providing long term playing reliability & safety. The radio plays extremely well with maximum selectivity and sensitivity for strong reception and a full mellow tone. Of note, the label, dial lens, and back is missing (some screw holes for the back are chip'd). This does not affect the structural integrity, overall appearance, or performance of this great looking radio. Actually better than pictured! Radio measures 5.5" H x 8" W x 5" D, wt. = 4 lbs.

A beautiful looking radio and rare!... $175