1939 Zenith model #4B313, is in excellent working condition, playing LOUD & clear with 4" speaker. The factory painted ivory bakelite 'Deco' bullet cabinet is all-original and features: AM, model # stamped on bottom, a beautiful all-original cabinet, (2) knobs for on/off/volume and tuning, and a clean chassis.

Electronically tested and restored including (4) tubes, all testing strong on a calibrated Hickok 539c tube tester, plus new capacitors and battery cable, providing long term playing reliability & safety. The radio plays extremely well with maximum selectivity and sensitivity for strong reception and a full mellow tone. Of note, this is a DC farm radio (6.25 VDC, 2.5 A) with mechanical vibrator. Also, the back is missing and there are a few paint nicks as well. Actually better than pictured (there is lighting shadow around the bottom of knobs)! Radio measures 7.75" H x 13.75" W x 6.5" D, wt. = 9 lbs.

Bonus!, includes... a compact battery eliminator / power supply!

A beautiful looking radio and rare (throw the book value away for this quality Zenith)!... $150