Atwater Kent 9-C breadboard, (4) 01A's testing strong, otherwise "as-is:... SOLD

Browning Drake 1925 kit, (5) 01A's testing strong, National transformers / quality!... $250

Browning Drake 1925 kit, (5) 01A's testing strong, Resistive coupled design / quality plus LOGO!... $295

Globe Radio 1925 console, (4) 01A's testing strong, very RARE floor model with speaker, high quality!... $395

Hammarlund-Roberts factory kit w/ original assembly manual, RARE item & high quality -- first ever Hammarlund!... $295

RCA Radiola II... SOLD

Silvertone Neutrodyne , (6) tube with built-in speaker, very RARE item -- first ever Silvertone... $250

Stromberg-Carlson 1-A, (6) 01A's (Cunningham) + rebuilt transformers inside original casing -- first ever Stromberg!... $275

Stromberg-Carlson 1-A, 1A, 'as-is'... SOLD

Victrola VV-IX, table wind-up 78 phono... SOLD

Westinghouse RC = RA/DA with very early brass base, glass tipped 01A tubes, very close-to-MINT... SOLD



Ansonia 911, wood cathedral reproducer w/ 8" speaker, very close-to-MINT... $275

Atwater Kent Type J-B, metal cathedral reproducer w/ 8" speaker + original grille cloth, RARE + NMint... $1,000

Magnavox RB-3, black horn type with a very nice logo !... $175

Music Master, wood horn with a very nice logo !... SOLD

Na-Ald cone, baby 4" size... SOLD

Newcomb Holly 89, wood arch-top reproducer, near Mint to Mint... $95

Pathe, wood arch-top reproducer... SOLD

RCA100 B, metal case 'deco' reproducer with original Sun-Ray grille cloth, NMint!... $150

RCA UZ-1325, black horn type... $175

Western Electric 540-AW with beautiful hand-made cone signed by Buford Chidester with original manual!
MINT... $650

Western Electric 590 headphones... $125



All items 'Investment Quality' unless noted.

Pictures and further information by request.