1939 Zenith gold dial, 'Deco' wood table radio #6S321, is in excellent working condition playing LOUD & clear with original large 6" speaker. Features: beautiful original wood cabinet, (3) bands, AM + International SW (1.8 to 24 MHz), (4) original 'Z' knobs (on / off / volume, tone, fly wheel tuning, and band switch), automatic tuning with push-button presets, new wrap-around grille cloth, big round gold dial with dual dial lights and a beautiful bezel, original wood finish, new AC cord for safety, and a very clean chassis... Wow!

Electronically tested and restored including (6) tubes, all testing strong on a calibrated Hickok 539c tube tester, plus new capacitors and AC cord, providing long term playing reliability. Plays extremely well with maximum selectivity and sensitivity for strong reception and a full mellow tone. Of note, one original knob has a small chip and the wood shows its age (top & side) but all was left original and is still very appealing! Radio measures 18" W x 11.5" H x 9" D , wt. = 17.5 lbs.

Superior sound from a great looking radio -- an awesome 6-tube, large table radio. Very rare in this condition. 63 years old and guaranteed to last another lifetime!... $349