If you've been longing for that high-end vintage tube sound but can't bring yourself to part with the breathtaking price that you'll have to pay for a McIntosh, this EICO HF-87 is the answer.

This EICO HF-87 uses (4) EL34 output tubes to generate 35 watts per channel. This may not seem like much, but tube amps need a lot less power to sound good at the same volume as their solid state counterparts.

The original output transformers are fantastic; great iron. The sound is simply glorious and you would be hard pressed to find anything better even today, some 40 years later. Some things just can't be improved upon.

This amplifier (S#1847) is in excellent condition with no hum and the following notes:

• All voltages have been checked and are within spec
• EL34 tubes are brand new matched quad JJ's
• 6SN7GTB (2) and 12AX7 tubes are vintage and test strong
• New capacitors added for long-term reliability
• Additional capacitors included as an optional bonus
• Cage included!
• Professionally tested and qualified to meet or exceed the original specifications

Price $695